Sonata d'amore

Granted, this is a piece for a self-selecting group of musicians. I wrote it to play with my friend John Dee, who, like other oboe players who own oboes d'amore, get to play them only rarely. As for viola d'amore players, they (or I guess I can now say "we") need new music for our instrument.

Curious about the viola d'amore? You can find out a lot about the instrument by visiting the Viola d'amore Society of America
The score and parts are available here, along with a computer-generated recording.


Kimo Yap said...

The only copy I can find of the three links you listed for this piece is the one on IMSLP and the PDF includes a score and 2 copies of the viola d’a,ore part, bit none of the oboe d’amore part. Is there a. Way to get that last part? Thanks!

Elaine Fine said...

Thank you for pointing this out, Kimo. I have added a separate oboe d'amore part to the IMSLP, and have gotten rid of the dead links.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!